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How To Make money on Airbnb in Agoura Hills California $13214 Per Month

  1. Price your Airbnb listing relative to other listings with the same bedroom and bathroom configuration. A good guage is the average price rate, bedrooms and bathrooms for the overall market.
    • How to price an Airbnb rental listing based on bedroom and bathrooms in Agoura Hills California

  2. Make sure you are competitive when it comes to property amenities. You can reference the data for amenities within Agoura Hills California here.
    • The most profitable amenities in Agoura Hills California for Airbnb listings

  3. Make sure you optimize your Airbnb rental listing description. In order to optimize it with keywords in your rental market you should have a look at this chart with data sourced from the Agoura Hills California Airbnb market.
    • How to optimize an Airbnb rental listing description with Airbnb SEO and keywords in Agoura Hills California

  4. Here is Airbnb data and statistics for Agoura Hills California.